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Watch Free Nigerian Movies and Free Ghana Movies Online

Usually when look for Nigerian And Ghanian movies online, people tend to come across sites that just want them to buy something or the videos don’t work. But finally, I’ve found a website that does neither and actually goes beyond just free movies. Its All African Cafe or (AAC as I like to call it) is a very cool site because it is actually an African Social network. It allows people who are interested in African movies to meet others who are interested in African movies. Also it allows members to come in contact with their “long lost” friends and meet again. Its such an amazing thing. Its can amaze someone though how most people watching Ghanian or Nigerian movies are not even Ghanian or Nigerian. They were most likely introduced to the whole African movie thing by watching it at a friends house or beauty salon. But I like how an increasing amount of people who have never heard of or disliked African movies are warming up to the African movie market. So now there are more people watching movies, AllAfricanCafe provides the perfect setting for a new generation of people who can watch movies online. The site is just amazing and I can’t wait to see it be the new African Facebook!

These are some of the hot tittles offered at Go watch now for FREE

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